Booking & EPOS System

  • Lifetime license.
  • 23″ All in one touchscreen.
  • Complete EPOS solution.
  • SMART Bundle Included for 18 months FOC. is designed to work around you and your business…

All of’s features have been built over eight years by a team of expert app developers and software engineers. The software is constantly evolving due to the active participation of our 2000-strong client base, who are always suggesting new functions as their organisations grow. We’re here to help you develop your business!

Appointment Diary’s primary function is as a dynamic digital appointment diary which keeps track of both customer appointments and staff availability, meaning that managing the team’s schedule is a breeze. The simple-to-use calendar feature allows you to search availability based on date, time and requested employee, and will even print the customer’s next appointment on their receipt.
B2B Software helps you deliver your promises, our client management holds endless information about your customers, not just a list of previous treatments. B2B Software can put all your customer’s information and preferences right at your fingertips.

  • Client snapshot – Hold all your client’s relevant data, recent formulas, treatments, preferred stylist etc. Record their birthdays and even their favourite beverage!
  • Security – Protect your customer data from unauthorised copying, accidental damage and attacks from malware and spyware.
  • Remote access – All your client data is held safe and secure in one place. With secure remote access, you can never be too far away from your salon

Marketing Assistant

The lifeblood of a successful sales strategy is a cohesive marketing effort alongside it. has the power to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns, with built-in SMS and email functionality. Schedule campaigns based around your customers’ next due visit, birthdays, holidays and special offers. Using the data stored by, your emails will become more targeted with a guaranteed increase in conversions.

Online Booking Solution

Online booking can be expensive and time-consuming, with a flooded market and overinflated developer fees. solves this for you: open your business to your current client base with 24/7 online appointment booking. Your online booking portal will integrate seamlessly with your business’ existing website, and will even be able to take payment in advance, helping you to work smarter than ever before.

Data Security Expert

When your whole business functions on the basis of storing and managing data, it can be daunting to know that it could all fall apart with just one malicious data breach. employs robust security measures, with our team of software specialists on hand to keep everything running smoothly. We’ll protect your customer data from unauthorised access, malware and spyware. We keep comprehensive data backups, and offers remote access functionality, meaning that you can access the information you need no matter when / where you’re working.

Customer Relationship Manager

Understanding and anticipating your customer’s requirements is the key to any successful client retention, and encourages repeat business. stores customer data – everything from their birthday to their preferred treatments to their favourite drink – to ensure that everything you need to provide first-rate customer service is right at your fingertips.

We manage your appointments while you manage your business


Online Smart Booking

Open up your business to endless opportunities


Staff Management Made Easy

An Incredibly powerful staff management solution.


Your #1 Salon Marketing Software

Create custom campaigns based on customer preferences.

“I’ve had Salon Advance for over a year now and love it! What I’m most impressed by is that they really listen to their customers and take on board what we say and if we’ve ever needed support they’ve always been on bail for us! I appreciate the work that has gone into the software and I for one love the system. Thanks Salon Advance!”

Emma Prior

Owner, Red Earth

“I purchased Salon Advance at Christmas and it is brilliant, I had a look at other providers but I just couldn’t afford them. I’m working around school hours and I have a big family and most of them were the price of a small car. I have it on a laptop rather than a big computer and although I’m a fairly new business, I really, really like it.

Lesley Anne

Owner, LA Beauty

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